Usertility updates: Advanced data analysis, CSV export, and guest users

Usertility provides application usage analytics for software written in Delphi. Use Usertility to learn how people really use your software.

Over the weekend, I pushed out an update to the Usertility web interface that adds some cool new features. If you haven’t looked at Usertility in the last few days, you should check it out:

Advanced Analysis tab

Usertility Advanced Analysis

The Advanced Analysis tab lets you build custom reports out of just about any data that Usertility has (including some that you can’t find anywhere else). You choose your dimensions and a metric, and Usertility will combine all possible permutations of the chosen dimensions and show the metric for each one. You can use advanced analysis to answer questions like these:

  • Does my app more have more errors on Windows 8 than Windows 7?
  • Are certain features used more in older versions of my software than new?
  • Does my software have errors that only appear on AMD CPUs, but not Intel?

CSV Export

Along with Advanced Analysis, you can now export report data to CSV, so you can get Usertility’s application usage data into Excel or any other analysis tool you choose.

CSV download is available for both the Advanced Analysis and Custom Events views.

Guest Users

You can now give read-only access to your Usertility analytics to others, such as partners, employees, or consultants. Your guest users see the same data that you see, but they can’t make any modifications to your app properties. You can add and delete guests as often as you need.

The “Standard” plan allows one guest user. The “Plus” plan allows up to five.

To add guest users to an app, click “Edit” from the app list, or click the “properties” tab when viewing any app data.

Come check out these features and learn how people really use your software at


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