The Castalia Newsgroup is Closing

First off: Don’t worry, Castalia is still going strong, and I have some cool new stuff coming your way in the not-too-distant future.

The way people communicate online has changed. Years ago, technically-minded people (like the smart programmers that use Castalia) used newsgroups all the time, and that was the expected channel for both community interaction and technical support. That has changed. Newsgroups have been all but forgotten, replaced by email, online forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc…

For Castalia specifically, questions that I would call “technical support” used to be about 80% Newsgroups, 20% Email. Now it’s probably 99% Email. There hasn’t been a new post in the Castalia newsgroup in over 2 months.

So, effective immediately, I am no longer using the newsgroup as an official support channel for Castalia. The TwoDesk news server will stay online for another week, in case someone wants to archive anything old. On (or about) April 26, 2012, the TwoDesk NNTP server will be shut down.

As always, I’m committed to helping Delphi developers rock, and am constantly trying to improve the level of support I provide for customers.


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