New Refactorings and More in Castalia 2012.2

Castalia 2012.2 is now available, with two new refactorings and some important bugfixes.

First, this newest version of Castalia has two new refactorings: Rename Field and Rename Property. These are for renaming the fields and properties of classes. As expected, they work across multiple units and even multiple projects (within the same project group).

In addition to these new refactorings, Castalia 2012.2 has a few important bugfixes:

  • Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+V doesn’t open the Multipaste window in Delphi 2005 and later
  • Fixed: Certain attribute tag syntax confuses Castalia’s internal parser
  • Fixed: Internal code formatter doesn’t respect editor indentation settings

Users with a current subscription can download Castalia 2012.2 immediately at Everyone else can try Castalia 2012.2 free at

A note about upcoming price changes

Prices are going up soon for new Castalia users. If you’re not already a Castalia user, now is a great time to buy, before the prices go up!

(Before you ask: Renewal prices for customers with a current subscription are not changing.)

Buy Castalia for Delphi here.

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