Ask not what Castalia can do for you…

I spend way too much time talking about what Castalia can do, and not nearly enough talking about what YOU can do with Castalia. With that in mind, here are 7 things that Delphi Programmers have told me they do with Castalia in the Delphi IDE:

  1. “I use [advanced syntax highlighting] all the time to find missing end’s for begins.”
  2. “Castalia has increased my productivity with the code templates, refactoring and syntax highlighting.”
  3. “Castalia is a life saver in ensuring continued maintenance and feature addition, in addition to the normal software development I do.”
  4. “I like the structural highlighting a lot… makes it easier to navigate through badly written code.”
  5. “I use the refactoring tools to tidy up the code created by another coder.”
  6. [I like] “being able to work out where the end of a 300 line if statement is.”
  7. [If I couldn’t use Castalia,] “I’d miss functionality like the toolbar, gutter symbols, and structural highlighting.”
Castalia transforms Delphi programmers into programming superheroes. Castalia users can navigate through Delphi code faster, write better code with less typing, and make fast improvements to code they’ve already written. Try Castalia free today.
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For programmers, by a programmer

Hi. My name is Jacob, and I'm the creator of Castalia.

I starting programming in 1986, learning Lightspeed Pascal on a Mac Classic. Today, I'm a professional programmer, teacher, and entrepreneur.

I have a Master's Degree in Computer Science, and I still love Pascal and Delphi.

I believe that writing code is the heart and soul of software development, and I love helping programmers write code more effectively.