Castalia 2014.6 is now available

I’ve just released Castalia 2014.6, the latest version of my advanced code editor for Delphi programmers.

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In the last few weeks, I’ve done a major rewrite of my integration/functional testing system, and written literally hundreds of new tests. This makes Castalia 2014.6 the most thoroughly tested version of Castalia ever!

Here’s a short list of what’s new in Castalia 2014.6:

  • New: Option to ignore the shift key state for code templates. For example, this allows templates to be triggered on both the Space and Shift+Space keys
  • Fixed: Prototype synchronization incorrectly identifies some non-overloaded methods as overloaded
  • Fixed: Prototype synchronization incorrectly removes method directives from interface declarations
  • Fixed: Structural highlighting doesn’t highlight class constructor, class destructor, or class operator methods
  • Fixed: Refactoring hotkey doesn’t work in Delphi 6

Users with a current maintenance subscription can download Castalia 2014.6 right now at

Everyone else can learn more and download a free trial at

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