Castalia 2014.1.2 is now available

I’ve been on a bug-fixing rampage, making improvements in Castalia, my collection of awesome tools for Delphi programmers, and it’s time you got to enjoy the benefits.

Castalia 2014.1.2 is available now, with the following bugfixes:

  • Fixed: Smart keys not working in Delphi 2005, 2006, and 2007
  • Fixed: Synchronize prototypes incorrectly handles some variables with ‘const,’ ‘var,’ etc…
  • Fixed: Smart Home key doesn’t work on blank lines
  • Fixed: Synchronize prototypes can leave extra text in the file if formatting conventions weren’t followed closely enough
  • Fixed: Delphi 7 crash on close
  • Fixed: Error CCI 2738 when editing a Delphi unit with no project open
  • Fixed: Castalia doesn’t support [Unsafe] attributes class fields
  • Fixed: Synchronize prototypes doesn’t handle empty parameter lists (empty parenthesis) correctly

Castalia users with a current subscription can download Castalia 2014.1.2 from the download site right now.

Everyone else can try check it out FREE at


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